Webinar: What are the advantages of using it?

What is the webinar?

The webinar is an abbreviation for web and seminars. Webinars are more than just online meetings; they allow you to share and deepen your knowledge without leaving your home or office. Unlike web conferencing, which has been practiced in business for years, this new approach can reach a larger audience. Auditors who choose to attend training courses on their own need to be professionally and personally influenced. Keep in mind that the main topics of webinars so far have been related to new information technologies and new professions in the digital world.  

What kind of solution does the webinar offer?

There are many dedicated platforms for hosting websites. Livestorm is arguably the most efficient solution for facilitating communication with prospects, students, employees, partners, or customers. The complete and efficient solution also provides many features such as registration, VOD, retries, questions/answers, and more.

Among the best webinar platforms currently available for speakers, you can also mention Webikeo, GoToWebinar, or Webex. YouTube Live also makes it easy to manage the structure of your seminars and their live broadcasts. You can also choose paid alternatives to enjoy more freedom, especially if you want to organize, manage and invite your audience.

Why choose a Webinar?

Webinars have many benefits for both speakers and the audience. In particular, it can overcome the limitations associated with the physical presence of participants.

  • Save time and money

Meetings from your desk will save you a lot of hassle. From now on, you don’t have to worry about transportation or the transportation of your audience. Further travel to rural areas and related costs: train and plane tickets, parking, hotel costs, etc.

  • More audience

The size of the meeting room does not matter. The webinar allows you to invite as many participants as you like from any city or country. Thanks to the breadth of the internet, you can reach a larger audience and expect higher participation.

  • Simplified logistics

Now that you don’t have to greet your guests physically, there are some chores you can do without it. In particular, you no longer have to rent a projector, sometimes hire staff to manage checklists, manage receptions, or use a caterer to prepare breakfast.

  • Better monitoring of registration

Seminar organizers have full control over the monitoring and management of registrations. In particular, you can always access it to send invitations (an internet link where listeners can participate in training).

  • Improved interactivity with participants

One of the biggest benefits of webinars is the possibility of dialogue between speakers and listeners via a chat or comment system. This device not only allows you to communicate directly and voluntarily with participants but also allows you to establish a certain degree of intimacy.

  • Chance to see the meeting again

Recording allows prospects who couldn’t upload during a live performance to upload and view the webinar. All they have to do is fill out the form and repeat the video. You can also use the recording for other training sessions later.

  • Reasonable management of results

Webinars allow you to get accurate statistics such as attendance rates, number of people registered, time spent in meetings, and level of engagement. This data collected will not only help keep inventory but also improve communication strategies for upcoming seminars.