We empower people to build their professional skills.

We provide dependable and simplified tech Learning-Solutions for everyone

Who We Are

EduRoutes is founded with a vision to provide Learning-Solutions for everyone, so we provide dependable, and simplified technology solutions for Education.

Our Mission

Our name specifies the vision of our company. Edu means we provide assistance regarding Education and Routes for the ways of solving problems either it is regarding education or career.

What We Do

We provide guidance, training, internship, mentorship & consultancy services for any kind of education hurdles/problem for students.

Our Values


Helping Students
Achieve Success!


Innovating and

Delivering an A+ Customer

Our Supporters & Associates

Executive Team

Shivani Gupta
Shivani Gupta


Palak Gupta
Palak Gupta

Growth Hacker

Theoretical Foundation of Distance Education
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Content executive

5 Ways a Mentor Help a Student Succeed
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Graphic Designer

How to Polish your Thesis?

Digital Marketing Executive

Rahul Goyal
Rahul Goyal