5 Ways a Mentor Help a Student Succeed

5 Ways a Mentor Help a Student Succeed

Take a moment to consider your educational or career journey. Did you have an inspirational teacher? Or maybe you had a colleague or a manager who took you under their wing and gave you the ropes? 

If you were blessed enough to have someone who helped you en route, then you know firsthand the benefit of mentoring. 

The Value of a Mentor

A mentor is an experienced friend or advisor who is there to provide guidance and support in any number of ways and circumstances, including academically. Many of the world’s successful business and world leaders acknowledge mentors as key contributors to their success. 

As per the National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR), studies have proved the positive effect that mentoring has on students. This incorporates higher self-esteem and social-emotional development benefits – all basic for making the most of academic and career goals.

How can a Mentor help you?

A mentor ensures that the present students have the tools and support they need to succeed. Here are a few different ways a mentor can help young people:

Improve social skills: Make students better leaders by empowering them to relate to various types of individuals. Help them with developing strong communication skills so they can deal with any situation. 

Bolster self-esteem: A mentor is somebody who is consistently in a student’s corner. Be a champion. Have confidence in a youngster. Recognize and celebrate their successes. 

Provide career exploration: Many mentors act as career counsellors, helping students to conceptualize career possibilities, define career goals and set up action plans to reach professional goals. You can likewise be an incredible source of networking opportunities for students.

Support academic activities: Depending on the condition, you can serve as a fundamental academic tutor during the school year. 

Be a friend: Some students, particularly the older ones, find it difficult to talk with their parents or friends about what’s on their mind. A mentor can serve as a trusted in a confidant, helping a student work through everyday struggles. 

There you have it! The powerful benefits of mentoring effect everyone involved, and so if you don’t have a mentor yet, speak to our mentors, they can guide you.