A Comparative Study of Education Systems in the U.S and China

Education is the most potent force in society today. A good education that nourishes intelligence and questioning can impact children as soon as they step into the classroom.

Here are some differences between China’s and America’s education systems:

School Grades

China’s education system has mainly three levels of education comprised of primary level, secondary level, and post-secondary level. Primary level is typically called elementary level. Secondary level has divided into lower and upper, which is equivalent to middle school and high school, respectively. In the U.S, 1st to 8th grades has identified by years. For instance, “I am in 8th grade.” Furthermore, high school and college classes have arranged as “freshman,” “sophomore,” “junior,” and “senior.”

Required Education Level 

All the students in China are needs to complete nine years of education. On the other side, in the U.S, compulsory learninglaws need students to stay in school until 16~18 years of schooling.

School Day

In the U.S, it is normal for high school students to hustle for another class when the bell rings. While in China, your instructor comes to you. In America, school starts at 8 a:m and ends somewhere around 3 p:m. While in China, for middle and high school evening sessions are also offered. Lunchtime in China is longer than in America.

Application for Higher Education

In America, attending high school is right. While in China, to get into preferred higher education, one needs to take an examination. Through passing entrance exams only, students can obtain higher learning. The Senior High School Entrance Exam determines which school has allotted to students based on their rank in the exam.

College Education

Like many other countries, in university, students earn their bachelor’s degrees and proceed towards their master’s degree. American teens applying as “undecided” in college is a common practice that is unheard of by Chinese students. In America, elite colleges have collectively approved. And, in China, some colleges are very prestigious. A few of the prestigious colleges in China are Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Sun Yat-sen University.

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