Tips to Improve Productivity While Working from Home in Covid-19

Tips to Improve Productivity While Working from Home in Covid-19

Are you an expert at working from home? 


But you will be if you implement the following tips to your daily routine.

In the wake of the current COVID 19 pandemic, when many organizations are resorting to long-lasting working from home options as their initial precautionary measure, a need to set down some ground rules to keep productivity becomes essential.

Being an efficient worker while working from home is a very challenging task. There are tons of distractions and less communication with teammates than when you are working in the office. But it doesn’t mean that it is not possible. There are a lot of points by which you can improve productivity while working remotely. You won’t think how much you can get your work done in a day while working from home.

Tips to Improve Productivity

  • Keep yourself to your daily working hours:- This is the very first step to improve productivity while working from home. However, it does not mean to work 9 to 5 daily. In short, you should work at the time you are most productive. So, it makes you get all your work done efficiently.
  • Keep working and personal time separate:- While working from home, keep your work time and own time compartmentalized that helps you stay productive. Also, it will reduce your stress. Don’t extend your working hours too far beyond your plan.
  • Plan your schedule:- One surefire way to keep your productivity up is to schedule your day. Before starting your work, make sure that you know your priorities of the day.

          While planning for your day, consider these points:

  1. First, do the highest priority task.
      2. When you have the most energy throughout the day, do the most challenging work at that time.
  • Give breaks to yourself:- Give breaks to yourself during working hours. Make sure that you get up from your desk to get some fresh air, grab a healthful snack, and talk with other human beings if possible.
  • Dress like your workplace:- It is essential to dress for success. And, this includes brushing your teeth and showering because this will let you know that now it is work time, not relaxation time. 
  • Create a workspace at home:- It might be tempting to work from your easy-chair, bed, or couch, but this will result in low productivity. So, always work from a consistent room, chair, or desk to tell your brain that now it is work time, not relaxation time.
  • Say no to roomies:- This means that setting boundaries for your kids, pets, your spouse, or roommates. Also, try to convince them to leave you alone when you are working so that you can keep your focus only at your work.
  • Be your caretaker:- Like office, you do not have a caretaker to clean up after you, it means you have to do it yourself. Keeping your home office clean helps you to stay focused, organized, and productive.

So, if you follow these tips sincerely, you will become a work from home wizard. Thus, you will find that these days, when you work from home, are the most productive days!

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